Richard Manuel

December 07, 1985
Getaway Inn,
Saugerties, NY
Sets I & II

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Source: Sony Walkman (internal stereo mics) > Master Cassette
Location: Stage lip approx. 12" from grand piano & 6 - 7' from R. Manuel.

Transfer: Master Cassettes > Kyocera D811 > Grace V3 > microtrack > WAV 96Hz/24bit.

Recording by Ron Taylor
Transfer & Mastering by Ray Ackerman
Edited w/ additional Mastering (Adobe Audition) by Joe Noel
December 11, 2020

The Players;
- Richard Manuel; grand piano, vocals
- Jerry Steele; harmonica (s2t08 only)

- Thanks to Ray for his generosity.
- Along the way this recording got into the wrong hands and a bootleg CD was released. I’m not too sure how many generations down that bootleg was but this transfer comes from an immediate cassette transfer from Ron’s master. - R. Ackerman

- Set I -
t01 - crowd
t02 - Share Your Love with Me (Don Robey, Alfred Daniel Braggs)
t03 - Before I Grow Too Old (Dave Bartholomew, Antoine Domino, Robert Charles Guidry)
t04 - Georgia on My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael, Stuart Gorrell)
t05 - Instrumental
t06 - Chest Fever (Robbie Robertson)
t07 - The Rumor (Robbie Robertson)
t08 - Across The Great Divide (Robbie Robertson)
t09 - She Knows (Thomas Callaway, Cyril John Payne, Brian Joseph Burton)
t10 - I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan)
run time; 38:43.200

- Set II -
t01 - intro
t02 - The Shape I'm In (Robbie Robertson)
t03 - You Don't Know Me (Cindy Walker, Eddy Arnold)
t04 - King Harvest [Has Surely Come] (Robbie Robertson)
t05 - Instrumental
t06 - Country Boy (Brooks)
t07 - Miss Otis Regrets (Cole Porter)
t08 - Crazy Mama (John J Cale)
t09 - Hard Times [No One Knows Better Than I] (Ray Charles)
- encore -
t10 - The Weight (Robbie Robertson)
run time; 46:16.586

Total Run Time; 1:24:59.786

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[J.Noel 13 December 2020]

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