Richard Thompson
Irish Centre, Leeds, UK

CA-14(Cardioid)> ST-9100> Edirol R09-HR> 16/44.1> Soundforge 9.0> tracks> Foobar2000> tags> TLH> flac

01. Bones of Gilead (fades in)
02. Her Love Was Meant for Me
03. Take Care the Road You Choose
04. Meet on the Ledge
05. Can't Win
06. They Tore the Hippodrome Down
07. Dry my Tears and Move On
08. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
09. The Rattle Within
10. Guitar Heroes
11. Tale in Hard Time
12. The Storm Won't Come
13. I'll Never Give it Up
14. Wall of Death
15. Put it there Pal
16. Tear Stained Letter

17. Beeswing
18. Down Where the Drunkards Role
19. Trying
20. Take a Heart


Richard Thompson � vocals, guitar
Michael Jerome � drums
Taras Prodaniuk � bass
Bobby Eichorn � guitar

taper: clawhammer

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