Richard Thompson
70th Birthday Concert
Royal Albert Hall, London UK
20 September 2019

01. The Storm Won't Come
02. Introduction - Jack Thompson
03. Tobacco Road - with Hugh Cornwell
04. Peaches - with Hugh Cornwell
05. The Most Beautiful Girl In Hollywood - with Hugh Cornwell
06. Blues In The Bottle - with Ashley Hutchings, Blair Dunlop
07. Jack O' Diamonds - with Ashley Hutchings, Dave Mattacks, Zak Hobbs
08. Down Where The Drunkards Roll - with Dave Mattacks, Ashley Hutchings, Dave Pegg
09. The Turning Of The Tide - with Bob Mould
10. If I Can't Change Your Mind - with Bob Mould
11. Withered And Died - with Kate Rusby, Alistair Anderson
12. As The Lights Go Out - with Kate Rusby
13. The Bonnie Lass Of Fyvie - Marc Ellington, Teddy Thompson, Eliza Carthy
14. Fare Thee Well - with Martyn Carthy
15. Fine Horseman - with Martyn Carthy, Marie Waterson
16. The Great Valerio - Eliza Carthy
17. Hug You Like A Mountain - with Eliza Carthy, Teddy Thompson
18. Second Half Intro
19. Beeswing - with Alistair Anderson
20. Jig - with Alistair Anderson
21. Persuasion - with Teddy Thompson
22. Ghosts In The Wind - with Danny Thompson, Dave Mattacks, Christine Collister
23. Sweetheart On The Barracades - with Danny Thompson, Dave Mattacks, Christine Collister, Eliza Carthy
24. Who Knows Where The Time Goes? - with Olivia Chaney, Dave Mattacks, Danny Thompson
25. House On The Hill - Olivia Chaney
26. Sheath And Knife - Maddy Prior, Olivia Chaney, Zak Hobbs
27. The Grey Funnel Line - with Maddy Prior, Olivia Chaney, Zak Hobbs
28. Keep Your Distance - with Kami Thompson, James Walbourne
29. That's Enough - with Kami Thompson, James Walbourne, Linda Thompson, Teddy Thompson, Zak Hobbs, Jack Thompson
30. Cry Me A River - with Judith Owen
31. She Puts The Bitch In Obituary - with Derek Smalls
32. This Summer I Went Swimming - with Loudon Wainwright III
33. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight - with Loudon Wainwright III
34. The Dimming Of The Day - with David Gilmore
35. Fat Old Sun - with David Gilmore
36. Meet On The Ledge - everyone

The Richard Thompson Trio
Richard Thompson - guitar, vocal, birthday boy
Michael Jerome � drums
Taras Prodaniuk � bass
Bobby Eichorn � guitar

Hugh Cornwell - guitar, vocal
Ashley Hutchings - bass
Blair Dunlop - guitar
Dave Pegg - mandolin, vocal
Alistair Anderson - pipes, concertina
Bob Mould - guitar, vocal
Kate Rusby - vocal
Danny Thompson - double bass
Christine Collister - vocal
Danny Thompson - double bass
Dave Mattacks - drums
David Gilmour - guitar, vocal
Derek Smalls - guitar, vocal
Eliza Carthy - vocal, violin
Jack Thompson - MC, bass
James Walbourne - guitar, vocal
Judith Owen - vocal, keyboard
Kami Thompson - vocal
Kate Rusby - vocal
Linda Thompson - vocal
Loudon Wainwright III - guitar, vocal
Maddy Prior - vocal
Marc Ellington - guitar, vocal
Martin Carthy - guitar, vocal
Olivia Chaney - vocal, keyboard
Simon Nicol - guitar, vocal (track 36 only)
Teddy Thompson - guitar, vocal
Zara Phillips - vocal
Marie Waterson - vocal
Zak Hobbs - guitar, mandolin, vocal

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