Richard Thompson Band ...De Montfort Hall Leicester Tuesday 4th March 2003

Richard Thompson , Guitar & Vocals
Danny ( no relation ) Thompson Double Bass
Pete Zorn , Guitar, Mandolin and Woodwinds
Earl Harvin , Drums

Sony D8 , SP in ear Mic's to hardisk.

Disc One

01. Crowd
02. Tear Stained Letter
03. Gethsemane
04. Pearly Jim
05. Outside Of The Inside
06. Razor Dance
07. Oh Missie How You Let Me Down
08. Al Bolly's In Heaven
09. A Love You Can't Survive
10. I Ain't Marching Anymore
11. One Door Opens
I2. I'll Tag Along
13. Bank Vault In Heaven

Disc Two

14. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
15. Shoot Out The Lights
16. She Said It Was Destiny
17. Two Left Feet
18. Can't Win
19. Vincent Black Lightning
20. Crawl Back Under Your Stone
21. Wall Of Death
22. A Man In Need
23. Jelaous Words
24. Sight Unseen

Thanks to Audiowhore who twiddled the knobs and thanks to Ned Kelly for the introduction.....