Richard Thompson Band
Berklee Performance Center - Boston, MA
2010-10-29 Friday, October 29, 2010

AT933 hypercardioid (3-wire) > CA-9100 > Edirol R-09 (24/44.1)
Front row mezzanine Absolutely DFC!

A great show, a great band, a great songwriter. What more could you ask for?
Oh, a great seat, great sound, and quiet neighbors ;-) It's all here!!!

Set 1: Selections from "Dream Attic" 80:32
01 Band enters
02 The Money Shuffle
03 Among the Gorse, Among the Grey
04 Haul Me Up
05 Here Comes Geordie
06 Demons In Her Dancing Shoes
07 Crimescene
08 Big Sun Falling in the River
09 Stumble On
10 Sidney Wells
11 A Brother Slips Away
12 Bad Again
13 If Love Whispers Your Name

-- Burning Man was not played tonight. . .

Set 2: "The hits" 59:09
01 Time Will Show the Wiser
02 Can't Win
03 One Door Opens
04 Al Bowlly's In Heaven
05 I'll Never Give it Up
06 Wall of Death
07 Tear Stained Letter
08 Take Care the Road You Choose
09 I Wan't To See the Bight Lights Tonight

If you omit track one, you might be able to fit onto an 80 min cd. . .