Richie Havens Bologna 18 September 1979
Bologna, Stadio "Woodstock 10 anni dopo"

SOUNDBOARD recording

tape->SONY TC WE305>soundblaster16bit->cdwav->silver->

Richie Havens guitar, vocals and piano on 8
unknow rhythm guitar

3 i'm not in love (?)
4 Freedom
7 what about me
9 Here comes the sun

Bologna is my town, but i never know about the exitence of a recording
off the "woodstock after 10 year" held here the 18 September 1979

A good friend of mine from Sheffield, sent me this tape (!!)
( dunno where he get!) know me being off Bologna

Enjoy this clean Soundboard recording of the late Richie Havens
we have some editing on this source tapes, like to have teh performance fitting ina C60 tape
( for me some chat was edited out )
dunno why, But this is a clone copy of the tape i get

The 21 September 1979 the same group of artist played a town 4 KM out Bologna
( Castlemaggiore), since the date i found on the tape was wrong
( 4 September 1979)....who knows

i added some pics from that concert in the folder

thanx to all involved

enjoy this tape


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