Rick Danko (feat. Gary Busey)
The Bacchanal, San Diego, CA
June 7, 1989

Source : unknown mics > Cassette Master (Recorded & Transferred by Third Eye Productions)

Editing : CD Wave Editor (tracking) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8 (Tracked by Wes Meyette)

Traders Den - December 12, 2020

posted by kingrue upload #2870

Here is something rare and unique.

Finally seeing the light of day from the collection Third Eye Productions.

This group was called "Reckless Momentum".

You'll notice this features the actor Gary Busey performing with Rick Danko.

This sounds like this was their first show, with a mix of songs by The Band and Buddy Holly.

If anyone can tell me who's all playing on stage, that would be appreciated.

Check samples for quality.

Michael (?) - guitar and bass

Total Time = 61:18

Set list
01 Crazy Mama (cuts in)
02 Twilight
03 Chain Gang
04 It Makes No Difference
05 Mystery Train
06 Keep On The Sunny Side
07 Band Introductions
08 Rave On
09 Fools Paradise
10 Maybe Baby
11 Not Fade Away
12 Unconditional Love
13 The Weight
14 Stay All Night