Rick Danko & Garth Hudson (w/ Robbie Robertson)
Horseshoe Tavern,
Toronto, ON


AUD Unknown > Tape (Mauro R.) > WAV > Audacity (Edited, Tracked, Fades & Normalize at -1.0dB) > FLAC

Thanks to Mauro R. for the transfer - GW 2021-02-15.
(The recording may have been by or the tape supplied by John Johnston)

Colin Linden Band w/ Garth Hudson & Rick Danko

1. Intro Garth - Feed The Birds (teaser)
2. I Know Her (Colin Linden Band)
3. Thy Will Be Done (Colin Linden Band)
4. Two Halves of A Whole (Colin Linden Band)
5. No Price For Love (Colin Linden Band)

Rick Danko & Garth Hudson

Set I

6. Intro & Tuning
7. CC Rider
8. Twilight
9. Mystery Train
10. Empty Bottles (Tony Medeiros) [Tape Flip
11. Keep On the Sunny Side
12. Walking Blues (Shredni Volmer)
13. It Makes No Difference
14. The Shape I'm In

Set II

15. Endless Highway
16. Crazy Mama
17. I Wish You Were Here Tonight
18. When The Spirit Comes// (Colin Linden) [Tape Flip]
19. I Shall Be Released
20. Genetic Method >
21. Chest Fever
22. Robbie & Tuning
23. Life Is A Carnival (w/ Robbie Robertson)
24. The Weight (w/ Robbie Robertson)

(1:55:30 Total Time)


Rick Danko
Garth Hudson
Shredni Volmer
Andy Robinson
Tony Medeiros
Robbie Robertson

Colin Linden Band
Colin Linden
Teddy Leonard
John Whynot
Gary Craig
Shane Adams


Second night at the Horseshoe Tavern was a Saturday night 11 March (This date is incorrectly recalled by Colin Linden on his web site and in the book "The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern - A Complete History" as being 13 March but that was teh day after the Juno awards and three days after the Friday night show).

"Minutes before the 1.00am last call, Robertson quietly stepped onto the stage and to teh microphone and joined his bandmates. The Horseshoe Tavern exploded. He struck teh opening chords of "Life Is A Carnival" and by teh end of this classic he had broken into a grin. Robertson then shared teh microphone with Danko for a simple and emotional rendition of "The Weight", backed by a couple-hundred-voice choir of fans, who sung along to the famed song. Toronto guitarist Colin Linden, along with his band, was lucky enough to be backing up these musical heroes."

"He got up there and this guitar tone came out of the amp, which was the tone that I have wanted my entire life - it was the greatest thing I had ever heard coming out of the amp net to me" recalls Linden. "It was really exciting." Following the gig, he says he was delirious with excitement: "I wanted to savour the moment forever. The important thing is that it was done with respect for the music. This wasn't an orchestrated happening; we specifically didn't want Robbie to feel pressure that he had to play. I'll Never forget this."

A short video clip of The Weight is available at https://twitter.com/thebandpodcast/status/1183464062916747269?lang=en

The next night Rick, Garth & Robbie played at the Junos