Robbie Fulks
New Years eve eve

Berwyn, Il

Robbie Fulks Acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Grant Tye Electric guitar, vocals
Mike Fredrickson Bass, vocals
Gerald Dowd Drums, vocals
Scott Ligon Keyboards, Vocals

CD1 1. Mad at a Girl
2. Each Night I Try
3. Lets Live Together
4. Good-Bye Cruel Girl
5. 2007 in review
6. It Didn't Happen Again
7. Candidates
8. He Came into the Airport Bathroom
9. Sub-prime Mortgage Blues
10. Shock Jock Radio
11. Robbie Rant
12. This Time Next Year
13. Rap of the Dead
14. Freddies Kollege of Musical Knowledge
15. Never Could
16. Fixing to Fall
17. Georgia Hard

CD2 1. Thats a Good Enough Reason
2. Every Kind Of Music But Country
3. Cocktails
4. Good Bye Good Looking
5. Sleeping on the Job of Love
6. I Want To Be Mama'd
7. The Buck Starts Here
8. No Girls Allowed
9. Cigarette State
10. Lotta Lotta Women
11. I Push Right Over
12. Busy Not Crying
13. Lets Kill Saturday Night
14. Little Floater(?) Terry Adams Song sung by Scott
15. Parallel Bars
16. Chris Ligon Song sung by Chris Ligon
17. She ate A Lot of Pills
18. Git the Fuck Out Improv

CD1- Tracks 5-12 are the political Medley, I concocted names from the themes. It's really one long piece that is special to the new years show which is now the night before the eve.

CD2- Tracks 11-13 are the 1st encore.
Tracks 14-17 are the 2nd encore.
Track 18 speaks for itself