The interview topics include the new documentary about The Band, Robertson's new album, his songwriting, and much more. Fascinating, even enchanting, material. All the music is official and has been removed.

Faults: none

Toronto, ON -- CBC studios
2019-09-17 -- 31:38

01. -intro-
xx. Up on Cripple Creek
02. -interview-
xx. Once Were Brothers
xx. Once Were Brothers [continued]
xx. Such a Night
xx. The Night THey Old Dixie Down
xx. The Weight
xx. The Weight [continued]
xx. Country Comfort
xx. It Makes No Difference
xx. It Makes No Difference [continued]
xx. It Makes No Difference [continued]
03. -outro-

note: CBC 'q the Music'; above is broadcast date
Tom Power - host

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