Robert Hunter
Monday November 12, 1990
Charlottesville Performing Arts Center
Charlottesville, VA

Recording Details-
Soundboard -> Master DAT -> PCM ->DAT(2)

GEMS Provider- From the collection of Chris 'Kip' Nestler
chris DOT nestler AT gmail DOT com
goodoldaze at LL and JP

Lineage- Dat(2) clone
Panasonic brand 120 minute DAT

Transfer Details-
Transfer by Chris 'Kip' Nestler April 2007
DAT(2) > Panasonic sv-3700 (spdif out) ->
Lynx L22 (spdif in) -> Soundforge 8.0 16bit/44.1kHz wav

Editing Info-
All editing and mastering by Jamie Waddell
Wavelab 6.0 April 8, 2007
16/44.1 SBE FREE

For Robert Hunter Gauvin b. March 29, 2007

A GEMS production -+-+- -+-+- April 2007
What's in your closet?

2.The Wheel ->
3.End Of The Road ->
4.The Wheel
5.New Speedway Boogie and tuning
8.Tales Of The Great Rum Runners and smoke break
10.Jack Straw
11.Cruel White Water
12.Standing On The Moon


1.Uncle John's Band
2.Tiger Rose
3.Ruben And Cherise
4.Deal(false start)
6.Talk and tuning
7.Don't Think Twice It's Alright
8.It Must Have Been The Roses
9.Stella Blue
10. Mr. Charlie ->
11.Ugliest Girl In The World ->
12.Easy Wind
13.Terrapin Station
14.encore break
15.Promotory Rider
17.Boys In The Barroom*

* Acappella

Other notes:
1:01:46 Drop out (2 seconds?)..made listenable..
no patch source exists..smoothed harshness
1:07:12 Hunter has monitor trouble
1:07:25 Drop out (2 seconds?)...repaired
1:48:44 Sounds like deck was paused for encore break..smoothed
1:49:14 Another deck pause..smoothed
1:49:18 One second of other music?...repaired
1:59:48 Guitar unplugged or put down?..all better
2:01:30 Deck stopped..fade applied
2:01:31 Dead air through end of file..deleted