Robert Hunter
Newport Folk Festival
Harbor Stage
Newport, RI

Tascam DR-2D (16/44.1) > SDHC > Adobe Audition > Flac > xACT
Recorded & Mastered By Scott Medeiros

Dire Wolf —> *
Peggy-O —>
Dire Wolf
Stage Banter- (I wrote Em Once I can Write Them Again) %
Friend of the Devil >
Talkin' Money Tree
Stage Banter - Tuning in the Daylight
Brokedown Palace
Stage Banter - 73 Years Old ^
Brown Eyed Women
Touch of Grey —>
Scarlet Begonias —>
Ripple —>
Boys in the Ballroom

* Robert had troubles with his mic and tried to correct it himself and had to stop playing guitar but still sang until mic was fixed...
% Stage banter - Robert thought it would fitting to play some folk tunes at the Newport Folk Festival, since he wrote em once He could write them again.
^Stage Banter- While trying to open his harmonica case, pieces of it fell to the floor. After bending over to get them he referenced how he was 73 and he could still bend over and touch his toes.

Notes : This recording was done in stealth 4th row and 5 feet from center.
Robert played on a smaller stage that was just positioned in a bad spot where people could just walk around the stage at will creating noise...
Under the tent held 500 and lawn was endless, seemed as though the whole festival came to see Robert and crowded under the tent making it hard to record.
Robert needed to play the main stage to "let his song's fill the air "

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