Robert Walter's 20th Congress
Proud Larry's
Oxford, MS

Source: DSBD
Transfer: Conversion: Tascam DA-P1 > Edirol UA-5 > Felt Tip Sound Studio > xAct

Memphis Two-Step
Walter G's Boogaloo
Planet of the Superkids
Money Shot
Miss Thang
The Yodel
Sister Janie
Flood in Franklin Park
Sunday School

Fancy Free
Sweetie Pie
(Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away
Corry's Snail and Slug Death
Good Times [cutoff due to curfew]

- Robert Walter's 20th Congress -
Robert Walter - keys
David Carrano - bass and guitar
Jacob Najor - drums
Cochemea Gastelum - sax & flute