Robin Trower
The Fillmore at The TLA
Philadelphia, Pa.
March 12, 2008

Jerseyboy recording

Church-Audio cards>CA STC-9000 pre-amp>Edirol R-09 @44.1/16>USB2>Sound Forge9>Cd Architect>CDR>EAC>Flac

01. crowd :34
02. Twice Removed From Yesterday 3:58
03. Shame The Devil 4:41
04. For Earth Below 8:31
05. No Time 4:12
06. The Fool And Me 4:05
07. Roads To Freedom 4:20
08. Islands 4:04
09. Day Of The Eagle 4:15
10. Bridge Of Sighs 13:00
11. Rise Up Like The Sun 2:51
12. Victims Of The Fury 4:09
13. Gonna Be More Suspicious 3:39
14. Hannah 5:36
15. Little Bit Of Sympathy 5:34

01. Too Rolling Stoned 3:08
02. Go My Way 4:17
03. Another Time Another Place 5:17

Robin Trower always turns in a stellar performance when he comes to Philly tonight was no exception. I do want to comment
on his choice to chop the coda off Too Rolling Stoned and segue into Go My Way...this way real a buzz killer and you could sense
it thru-out the crowd. JUst when everyone was expecting those familiar guitar chores to come pounding out....nothing...a completely different sound, the intro to an unfamiliar song!
In fact, I caught one guy's opinion on this recording as I was headed out...he is unknowingly heard saying
this about Robin's encore "fuck everyone! I'm playin my on thing". I don't want to start a debate about what an artist should play
at a show, but I do agree that this encore kinda fizzled.

This one was hard to split so I did it at the natural spot...the encore.

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