Robyn Hitchcock - The Knitting Factory, NYC, NY Early Show
March 15, 1997

audience master

Sony-TCD-8 > 2 audio technica at-831b mics > Maxell DM-120 > Sony TCD-8 > wavelab 6 >
TLH > make torrent 2 > dime

Robyn had done a run of shows at the Knitting Factory in March of 1997 and a couple night having two shows
a night. This is the final night and a mostly all request show before you could request on the internet.
We just shouted out songs and if Robyn wanted to play it, he did. Recorded from the balcony railing on the
right side facing the stage.

I dropped the insanely loud clapping between songs by 2.75dbs to save your ears and your speakers.

This and the late show were both absolutely fantastic performances.

01-Ant Smith intro...
02-The Square intro...
03- Robyn banter & tuning...
04-Don't Talk To Me About Gene Hackman
05-The Ghost In You (Psychedelic Furs)
06-She Belongs To Me (Bob Dylan)
08- Robyn banter...
09-My Favourite Buildings
10- Robyn banter...
11-The Ghost Ship
12- Robyn banter...
13-Wichita Lineman excerpt(Jimmy Webb)
14-Raining Twilight Coast
15-I Something You
16- Robyn banter...
17-Waterloo Station (The Kinks)
18-Nervous Like Children
19-Heartful Of Leaves
20-Autumn Is Your Last Chance
21- tuning and banter...
22-True To Life (Roxy Music)
23-Queen Jane Approximately (Bob Dylan)
24-encore break-
25-I Often Dream Of Trains
26-Human Music

Please DO NOT SELL or redistribute in lossy formats.