July 6, 1979
Paradise, Boston
WBCN Radio Simulcast

From the Silver Bootleg CD "Nutted By Reality"
Popmeister POP 019/20
The boys in their endless and ultimately
futile effort to break into the rock'n'roll
big time. "A" for effort and they left a lot of
great music in their wake. Very good sound,
rough and ready on the radio, straight from the
soundboard to you. None of these tracks have
been included as "live extras" on any official
release according to my research, so ya get the
whole show here, from Rock to Pile.

Confirmed as lossless using Trader's Little Helper

Dave Edmunds--Guitar, Vox
Nick Lowe--Bass, Vox
Billy Bremner-Guitar, Vox
Terry Williams--Batterie

Sweet Little Lisa
So It Goes
I Knew the Bride
Switchboard Susan
Crawling from the Wreckage
Trouble Boys
Cracking Up
Born Fighter
Promised Land
I Hear You Knockin'
Queen of Hearts
Here Comes the Weekend
So Fine
They Call It Rock
Ju Ju Man
Let It Rock/Bye Bye Johnny
Let's Talk About Us

Call it Rock!