Palladium, NYC
August 20, 1979

Ok, We Move Along To The Rockpile Portion Of The Nevinsrip Basement Tapes. This Will Be The First Of
Five Fm Shows That I Have Complied Over The Late 70'S. Every One Is A Real Killer. Rockpile Is One Of Those Bands That Has Always Had A Cult Following. Their Rockabilly Style Never Really Caught On With The Public, Despite Having Nick Lowe, Who Is One Of The Most Underrated Pop Song Writers Of Our Times. Their Technical Virtuosity In Playing This Style Of Music Is Really A Wonder To Behold. If You Like Rockpile Your Gonna Love These Next Few Uploads.

Brought To You By The Nevinsrip Basement Tapes

Lineage: My Original Recording (Tdk Sa, Pioneer 747, Teac Deck) >Sony 500 Recorder>Eac>Flac 8>Tlh>Rockpile Enthusiasts Like You

Dj Intro
Down, Down, Down
And So It Goes
I Knew The Bride
Switchbox Suzie
Crawlin From The Wreckage
Trouble Boys
Girls Talk
Band Intros
Crackin Up
Born Fighter
Let It Rock
Cruel To Be Kind
I Hear You Knocking
Elvis Rap
Jailhouse Rock
Sweet Little Linda Lou
Love So Fine
Love So Fine (Cont.)
They Call It Rock
Ju Ju Man
Encore Break
Promised Land
Lets Talk About Us
Dj Outro

There Was Original Artwork For This Show. If I Can Locate It I'll Post It In The Comments Section. Maybe Some Kind Soul Has It And Will Post It For All To Enjoy.

Play It Loud !!!!