Rod Clements & Ian Thomson
The Old Cinema Launderette
Durham, UK


I nearly didn't get to this show. The snow, which the North East had managed to avoid all week, finally arrived. Whilst "manageable" if you were travelling locally, it put paid to the support band, who were unable to get there from Cambridge. Fortunately for us, Rod & Ian did make it, and also agreed to play two sets in lieu of the support's non-appearance.

The Old Cinema Launderette is a wonderfully, quirky venue As the name suggests, it was once a small cinema. By day, it's a working laundry. By night, an array of talent set up in front of the washing machines to play to a very modest audience. Capacity will be no more than 40 people. They work hard at the music side, & recently won an award for best small venue. Some great upcoming shows.

Despite the wintery conditions, there's a good turnout. Rod & Ian kick off a little earlier to give people a chance to make it home through the snow.

Rod's a superb songwriter and musician, and so whilst everyone's interest is piqued by the Lindisfarne connection, there's so much more to him.

The music is very much a pared down, bluesy, rootsy affair, accompanied with a fair bit of banter & dry wit. Over recent times I've delved into his solo works (the recently released "Rendezvous Cafe" is excellent), and tonight we get a fair smattering of numbers from throughout his career including, of course, Lindisfarne).

It's a great night's entertainment. Very "real". He's a nice chap, too, and is happy to have a bit craic afterwards.

Good, honest stuff. Won't change your life, but will improve your day. You'll be glad you went.

Rod & Ian entertained us all with two sets:

S101 Road To Kingdom Come
S102 Train In E Major
S103 Blue Interior
S104 Roads Of East Northumberland
S105 Plain Dealing
S106 I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free
S107 Sundown Station
S108 Rambling Is Going To Be The Death Of Me
S109 Why Can't I Be Satisfied


S201 Coming Home To You
S202 Working My Way Back Home
S203 Stamping Ground
S204 Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong
S205 Unmarked Car
S206 The Old Blue Goose
S207 Meet Me On The Corner
S208 Tuning & Intros
S209 Whisky Highway
S210 Applause & Thanks
S211 Freedom Square


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If you get the chance, lend your support & go see him. Support the Old Cinema Launderette, too - a gem.