ROGER MCGUINN & The Headlights
Chestnut Cabaret
Philadelphia, Pa.

BillyDee Archives
Stereo Soundboard

01 intro
02 Lights & Cameras (The Headlights)
03 Someone To Love
04 Car Phone
05 You Bowed Down
06 Chimes Of Freedom
07 Love That Never Dies
08 The Trees Are All Gone
09 Tiffany Queen
10 The Time Has Come>Your Love Is a Gold Mine
11 Chestnut Mare
12 My Back Pages
13 If We Never Meet Again
14 Lover Of The Bayou
15 King Of The Hill
16 Mr. Tambourine Man
17 Turn Turn Turn
18 Eight Miles High
19 So You Want To Be A Rock n Roll Star
20 Feel A Whole Lot Better
21 I'm So Restless (acoustic)
22 Without Your Love (acoustic)
23 Knockin' On Heaven's Door (acoustic)

Nice show (actual date unknown) with the backing band The Headlights. No breaks in the audio.
The master recording captured several technical issues
including occasional drop outs & digital clipping (fixed as best I could) in the acoustic encore, Roger's mic is muddy at times,
good bass doesn't kick in til mid show. That said this is a worthy addition to your RM/Byrds collection.
Thanks to BillyDee for trusting me with his archives.ENJOY!