Roger Waters
The Hydro

2018-06-29 (1st night)

There aren�t many shows I eagerly anticipate these days more than Rog. The Wall was a revelation, a demonstration of what�s possible in terms of sound and stage, bringing new life and meaning to a modern classic of a piece of work.

So, how does one follow that?

Well, my guess is that Rog�s dictionary is missing the word �compromise� (and has done for many years...).

This is a very different approach to the last run of shows, although in terms of thought, production and delivery one common denominator is apparent. Excellence.

This is huge. Huge stage, huge songs, huge sound, huge effects, huge crowds, huge�s an immersive and (at times) almost overwhelming experience.

The setlist is comprised of selections from Floyd�s commercial peak, seasoned with a handful of more recent tunes from Roger�s latest album.

Everything is executed immaculately, and (sadly, in many respects) everything has, if anything, more relevance today than it did �back in the day�.

Trump comes in for a lot of stick (tonight, among other observations, he�s a �bawbag�) and, generally speaking, this show has a heavy political slant to it. Whether you agree with it or not, or whether or not you feel this is the appropriate forum...Roger�s always had something to say, and that won�t change anytime soon.

The accompanying stage show is...jaw dropping. Battersea power station materialising from the ceiling, the animations on the huge backdrop, or ending up finding yourself inside a 3-D manifestation of the DSotM�s an assault on the senses throughout.

How does one follow that? That�s how.

Ticket prices are mad, these days. In that respect, this show is no different from many others. Where it does differ, is that this one�s (probably) worth the money.

After the main set, Rog took centre stage to speak. Slight �moment� when he lauded football fans from one side of the city for their support of Palestinians. Slight irony, given what Roger preaches, but football allegiances run very deep and divided in these parts.

I never saw Floyd on their halcyon tours of the seventies. This may be a �solo� project, but I can�t help but feel I�ve come away with a taste of the very best of what Pink Floyd had to offer 40+ years ago.

We all enjoyed:

S101 PreShow
S102 Speak To Me
S103 Breathe
S104 One Of These Days
S105 Time
S106 Breathe (Reprise)
S107 The Great Gig In The Sky
S108 Welcome To The Machine
S109 Deja Vu
S110 The Last Refugee
S111 Picture That
S112 Wish You Were Here
S113 Happiest Days Of Our Lives
S114 Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2
S115 Another Brick In The Wall Pt 3


S201 Battersea Power Station
S202 Dogs
S203 Pigs (3 Different Ones)
S204 Money
S205 Us And Them
S206 Smell The Roses
S207 Brain Damage
S208 Eclipse
S209 Crowd
S210 Band Intros
S211 Roger Speaks
S212 Wait For Her
S213 Oceans Apart
S214 Part Of Me Died
S215 Comfortably Numb

Performed wonderfully by:

Roger Waters � bass, lead vocals, guitars
Dave Kilminster � guitars, bass, talk box, backing vocals
Gus Seyffert � guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Jonathan Wilson � guitars, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Drew Erickson � piano, keyboards, Hammond organ
Bo Koster � piano, keyboards, Hammond organ
Jon Carin � piano, keyboards, programming, lap steel guitar, guitars, lead and backing vocals
Ian Ritchie � saxophone, additional bass
Joey Waronker � drums, percussion
Jess Wolfe � lead and backing vocals, percussion
Holly Laessig � lead and backing vocals, percussion

Recorded by Lesterferget


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