Hi Stones fanatics,

This is Sticky Beggars Bleed In Exile Vol 2.
I have fixed Vol 1, so it inspired me to do another one, from the golden era of The Stones 1968-72.
I did phase, pitch and level correction. In the end i did EQ.

Remastered by Captain Acid
Artwork by Mr. D

July 2020

01 Gimme Shelter
02 No Expectations
03 Sway
04 Salt of The Earth
05 Symphathy For The Devil
06 JigSaw Puzzle
07 You Can`t Always Get What You Want
08 Thurd On The Run
09 Love In Vain
10 Bitch
11London Jam
12 Did Everybody Pay Their Dues
13 Say It`s Not You
14 Sweet Black Angel
15 Stray Cat Blues
16 I Don`t Know The Reason Why

01 Dead Flowers
02 Jumpin` Jack Flash
03 Loving Cup
04 I`m Yours I`m Hers
05 Blood Red Wine
06 Street Fighting Man
07 Who Am I
08 Soul Survivor
09 John`s Jam
10 Sweet Virginia
11 I Don`t Care
12 Ventilator Blues
13 Aladdin Story
14 Child Of The Moon
15 Let It Loose
16 Uptight + Satisfaction (w. Stevie Wonder)

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