Roomfull of Blues
Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO
Set 1

Recorded by Patrick H.
Source: Sonic Studio mics ->
Sony D6 -> Master cassette
Maxell XL90 - No Dolby Type II

Location: Floor
From pjh analog cassettes.

Nak -> MC (Maxell XL90) -> RME DIGI
Interface -> Samplitude 6.0 -> Flac(16)

MD5's and SBE checked and verified.
By Patrick H. 02/02/2007

Disc 1 (67:58)
01 Last Time 5:06
02 Everynight of the week 6:00
03 Bober// 0:31
04 bober 9:43
05 Hoodoo Man Blues 6:32
06 Oh Wee Baby 2:57
07 Money - Swing Tune 5:23
08 Hit me knock me down- Blues 4:42
09 //The Things 3:55
you used to say to me
10 Living the good life 5:23
11 Early in the morning 5:05
12 //adj levels 12:37
I just want to make love to you

D1T12 in first 10 seconds static
from D6 cord. Sounds like I moved
mic location for this encore song.

I recorded this at the Boulder Th.
and my mics like wind instruments.
This recording came out very nice
some crowd noise. I guessed on tunes.
Roomful of blues opened a James
Cotton closed the show. Both sets
high energy and the crowd is into
it. Very good shows and recordings.