Rumpke Mountain Boys
Brewgrass Festival
Cockaigne Ski Resort
Cherry Creek, NY
September 15, 2018

16 bit version

Taper: bigdaddybflo
Gear: CA11s > CA9100 > Tascam DR-07
Mastered by }{eywood
Lineage: DR-07 (recording to 24/48 .wav) > USB > WeTransfer > Adobe Audition 1.5 (EQ, clap reduction, peak limiting, splits & fades) > Xrecode II (conversion to 16/44.1) > TLH (sector alignment, flac 8)

As with all bigdaddybflo recordings the 24 bit version of this has no invasive processing and is true to the master.

Some song titles are conjecture based on lyrics. Confirmation and completion of the setlist would be appreciated.

01 Intro
02 Sunny Side of the Mountain
03 Tryin' to Stay Sane in a World Full of Greed
04 I Can't Seem to Get It Right
06 Stop, Walk Away, Start Over Again
08 It Takes a Drink in the Morning to Forget the Night Before
10 Six Days on the Road
11 Pickin' Until Dawn
14 Then We'd Ride
15 As Long as That Woman Stands By Me
16 Dupree's Diamond Blues
17 Polly
18 Here I Go Down That Wrong Road Again
19 Such a Good Idea at the Time
20 Molly (Make That Feeling Last)