Saalfelden Jazz Festival 1992 Highlights
Recorded Aug 28, 1992 (Jazz Festival Saalfelden, Austria), Broadcast From 29Th Aug. 1992

Sound quality: Absolutely amazing quality ! First gen. copy from Austrian FM source (maybe Dolby NR, I don't know)

Got this way back in my good old tapetrading times in the early 90's.
Fresh transfer from yesterday: Maxell XL II-S 90 > audacity > you (no changes made)

According to both artists' websiteds and collector sites nothing has been released officially so far.

0. Silence / Tape noise
1. Radio DJ announcement (Austrian Language)
2. Cecil Taylor Tentet: Long improvisation * (40 min)
3. Another Radio DJ (Again in Austrian)
4. Cecil Taylor Tentet: Encore (23 min)
5. Radio DJ
6. Radio DJ announcement (T. Kluger)
7. John Surman Quartet: unknown (10 min)
8. Radio DJ (T. Kluger)

* I detected 2 small digital noises on this track but decided to keep 'em in (as Pills said: "I'm a doctor, not a mechanic").
This is the complete content of my tape. It will easily fit on one CDR.

Enjoy, have fun and spread!
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Please use this show for trading only ~ never sell it.
...and NO MP3, please never ever!

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