The Sadies
Union Hall - Park Slope
Brooklyn, NY
12 December 2013

This set was recorded full econo-mode, straight to my Edirol R-09's built in mics. The copied from SD card to my Mac and cut into tracks and exported to FLAC with Amadeus Pro. Fingerprints created with xACT; Torrent file ands upload facilitated with Transmit.

I am providing the highest quality file I have and these will convert back to 24/48 audio. Re-Convert as you need for CDs or other uses but please do not trade other then original files. (as if I could stop you) If you do not like the way I record or the equipment I use, wait for another upload.

Beyond that, I hope you Enjoy!

1.The First Five Minutes
3.So Much Blood
4.Another year Again
5.Cut Corners
6.Rat Creek
7.Leave Me Alone
8.Tell Her What I Said
10.Loved on Look
11.There’s a Higher Power (Louvin Bros)
12.Starting All Over Again
13.? don’t know title
14.The Very Beginning
15.The Trial
16.Ten More Songs
17.? don’t know title
18.What’s Left Behind
19.Anna Leigh
20.Ridge Runner Reel
21.Tiger Tiger
22.Mother of Earth (Gun Club)
23.16 Mile Creek
24.Leave the World Behind
25.Pretty Polly
26.Story 19

PS: Don't Sell This
PS: Thanks to Dori for most of the song titles.