Sally Barker & Special Guests & Assorted Pissed Cretins In The Second Row
15th January 2015
Greystones, Sheffield

Sally accompanied by:
Neil Hughes - Keyboards
Ian Crabtree - Guitar

This was a Bright Phoebus gig so it had some of the usual guests who are part of Bright Phoebus and live in the local area. Jo Freya was MC and guest vocalist, Martin Simpson accompanied her on Guitar and also guested with Sally on Sugar Daddy . Fay Hield, John Boden & Neil McSweeney came to conduct the raffle (Fay loves a raffle!!) and try out some Copper Family Songs on the audience. Usually Bright Phoebus gigs are far better behaved than this. The last one in 2015 was the Emily Portman Trio and you could have heard a pin drop. Martin Simpson also guested at that one. First one in 2016 features Martin Carthy & John Kirkpatrick on February 19th.

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Many thanks go to BigDee for the mastering of this show.

Great show, wide range of material from Sally's own material to more commercial songs performed on The Voice. Sadly there were a group of cretins behind us who were extremely pissed. During the interval following a discussion with friends as to who was going to approach them I drew the short straw and pointed out (very politely , I might say!! and this doesn't come naturally to me when dealing with drunks) to their pack leader at half time that he may have noticed his party were the only ones other than Sally that could be heard talking throughout the show. Despite me being in Ultra Polite mode he took great offence at this and interpreted it as me and everyone else not knowing how to enjoy themselves while his party were!!. It obviously never occurred to any of them that they were spoiling it not only for others but the artists as well. In the second set Sally took the lead and had to shush them and berate them a couple of times as they were even more pissed and were putting her off. This was after her not so subtle method of that good old trick "the embedded story" didn't work. He (Alpha male Pack Leader) told me he had booked Sally twice and knew her very well so presumably he was a promoter of a Folk Club and should have known better!! Thankfully I have never attended his venue. nor would I ever wish to!!. They can be heard commenting on my friends singing along to Boden & Hield. Thank God for unidirectional cardioid mikes, omnis would have been a total disaster, as it turned out the recording is probably better than the show, certainly for me anyway as my ears aren't unidirectional.disaster. Incidentally the cretin singing out of time all the way though is the Chief Pisshead.

Surprise guests at half time tried out their act on the Greystones audience as well as Martin S playing slide on one of Sally's songs in the second set. All in all a great show despite the idjits.

Set 1 [47.41]
1. Intro (2.48)
2. Some Say (I Got Devil) Jo Freya & Martin Simpson (3.26)
3. Intro to Sally Barker (1.41)
4. Elephants (5.42)
5. Chat & Musician Intros(1.42)
6. Maid In England (4.30)
7. Chat about The Voice & Song Intro & False Starts (2.51)
8. To Love Somebody (5.11)
9. Song Intro (0.42)
10. A Thousand Faces (5.22)
11. Companion (4.29)
12. Song Intro & Chorus Practice (2.05)
13. The Ballad Of Mary Rose (6.26)
14. Closing Remarks from Jo (0.43)

Set 2 [81.37]
1. John Boden, Fay Hield, Neil McSweeney Intro (1.16)
2. The Seasons Round (4.07)
3. Charming Molly (2.34)
4. Sportsmen, Arouse!/The Innocent Hare (3.00)
5. Raffle - Fay Hield Style (2.33)
6. Song Intro (0.43)
7. Nearly Drowned In Your Eyes Tonight (Martin Simpson & Jo Freya) (2.57)
8. Intro to Sally & Song Intro (2.12)
9. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Take 1 & Cautionary Tale(3.00)
10. Don't let Me Be Misunderstood Take 2 (4.38)
11. Invite Martin Simpson to Stage & Song Intro (1.30)
12. Sugar Daddy (5.18) With Martin Simpson On Slide
13. Brief Chat (0.23)
14. Walk On By (3.17)
15. Story, Song Intro & Chorus Practice (4.49)
16. Haul Away (6.11)
17. Advice to Audience On How to Clap in Time (1.15)
18. Favourite Dish (6.03)
19. Who Is Driving Home & Song Intro (1.05)
20. Money's Talking (8.28)
21. Sleepy Eyes (5.42)
22. Chat & Thanks (0.55)
23. Dear Darlin' (3.49)
24. Another Train (4.27)
25. Closing Remarks From Jo (1.21)

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