Salvador Duran and Friends
Friday April 9, 2010
MAST Gallery in the Lost Barrio
Tucson, Arizona

Opening Reception for 6 week art show of Salvador's Paintings,
which are absolutely incredible.
A beautiful evening with Tucson's finest people,
wonderful art and an hour and 40 minute
set of Salvador and Friends.

Recorded by Jeremy Zelazowski, Jamie Waddell, Julie Frizelle and Carrie Gayne
about 15 feet back on a small tripod strategically located on an antique table,
4 ft high, direct path to speaker, dead center

Church Audio CA-14 Minature Microphones > ST91000 Pre Amp > Korg MR-1 @ 1bit 2.8 mHZ DSD

Korg Audio Gate Software for 1bit 2.8 mHZ DSD > 32 bit float 44.1 kHz PCM WAV > Wavelab 6.01
Weiss-Saracon for Pow-r 3 Dither 16 bit 44.1kHz

MetaData in Tag&Rename
FLAC8 in Trader's Little Helper SBE Free
Editing and Mastering by Jamie Waddell

a project **GEMS*

Salvador Duran - nylon string guitar, vocals, footstomp box, harmonica, animal sounds
Gabriel Sullivan - 12 string guitar
Sean Rodgers - acoustic upright bass
Johnny Villa - muted trumpet
Lupita - guest vocals on track 12

" I painted my music and I play my paintings. " Salvador Duran

01. ________ SD
02. Drop of Wine [Chile] SD
03. Samba para _____ [Argentinia] SD
04. El Persona Nueve (Mexico) SD
05. _________ SD, JV
06. No Tengo Yo" SD
07. Soledad SD, SR, GS, JV
08. La Cumbia del Muerto [Oaxaca, Mexico] SD, SR, GS, JV
09. Ojos Azules [Peru] SD, SR, GS, JV
10. Calle de Tucson [a Salvador original song] SD, SR, GS, JV
11. Dos Cardenas *Dedicated to Ibrahim Ferrer SD, SR, GS, JV
12. Vuela SD, SR, GS, JV with Lupita!!
13. _________ SD
14. _________ SD
15. Cuando Llega Le SD
16. band comes back out
17. Como la Linda SD, SR, GS, JV
18. Uno, Dos [Colombia] SD, SR, GS, JV

Salvador's music has become a defacto new genre in Tucson, where his songs are incorporated into no less than 3 bands here in which he plays part of, musically and spiritually. He has begun a new language of music, incorporating his own tunes and traditional songs with new life and attitude. We are truly blessed.