Sam Baker w/Tim Lorsch
Paradiso (large hall)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

19th September 2009

Source: CA14 (cardiods)-> HQSS2404-> CA-9100-> Edirol R-09HR (48kHz/24bit)
Eq, volumes, fades and dithering to 16-bit/44.1kHz with SoundForge 9.0
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Flac files tagged with FooBar2000
Recorded, mastered and uploaded by scdegraaf

Sam Baker- vocals, acoustic guitar
Tim Lorsch- violin, mandolin, backing vocals

A very nice concert in front of an appreciative and enthusiastic audience.
Sam sung various songs of his latest album "Cotton", which complets the trilogy that began
with Mercy and Pretty World.
Objectively speaking Sam is not the world's greatest singer and guitar player, but his lyrics, combined
with his charming personality are so beautiful, that his somgs move you to tears.

The Paradiso had a strict schedule that night, as there was one more act, so Sam tried to talk less and
perform more songs.
After the show he sold and signed "Cotton", where he took his time to talk to everybody. He clearly enjoyed that
and loved to kiss all the women (and a few men) "European style", so 3 kisses on the cheeck.Sometimes he
repeated that, I had to kiss him twice.

Set One- 31:36
01. Intro
02. Baseball
03. Song intro
04. Mennonite
05. Not Another Mary
06. Banter
07. Pretty World
08. Boxes
09. Joke
10. Odessa
11. Orphan

Set Two- 44:17
01. Second set intro
02. Juarez (Song To Himself)
03. Cotton
04. Angel Hair
05. Song intro with verse of Woody Guthrie's Deportee
06. Migrants (unrecorded song, title is a guess)
07. Song intro
08. Change
09. Waves
10. Song intro
11. Broken Fingers
12. Song intro
13. Angels