Sam Baker w/Carrie Elkin
Doopsgezinde Kerk (Baptist Church)
Haarlem, Netherlands

21st October 2015

2xDPA4061-> MPS6020-> Sony PCM-M10 [24bit/48kHz]
Recorded and dithered to 16bit/44.1kHz by scdegraaf
Edited with SoundForge 9.0 and Audacity

This show took place in a baptist church, dating from 1682, located in the old centre of Haarlem.
It was a seated concert; all 100 seats were taken.

The show was announced as "love songs and duets". Sam did a few covers, which he hardly ever does.
We were treated to 2 new songs; the first was a typical Sam song, the second was sort of a farewell song,
that didn't quite work out. I doubt we'll see that one on a new album.

I liked this show a lot better than last year's show. Because Chip Dolan wasn't accompanying Sam
more of his voice and guitar could be heard. For me this is what Sam is about, as stripped down as possible.

Carrie can overpower Sam with her magnificent voice, but fortunately that was not the case.
Where she let her voice be heard it was functional.

Their chat on stage wasn't rehearsed; of course it's part of the show, but it's chat between 2 very
good friends who know one another well.

Taking place in an old church the sound was a bit hollow. This is reflected in the recording and
couldn't be helped; this is what it sounded like. Autumn in the Netherland is the season when many
people have a cold. One cougher was right behind me.


Set One [44:16]
1. Intro
2. Love Hurts <Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris version>
3. Daddy's Lucky Little Charm (unreleased)
4. Palestine
5. Chat
6. Isn't Love Great
7. Chat
8. Iron
9. Chat
10. Waves
11. Chat
12. Say Grace
13. Chat
14. Hard Times/Odessa

Set Two [59:08]
1. Second set intro
2. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness <John Prine>
3. Dixie/Cotton
4. Button By Button
5. Chat
6. White Heat
7. Moon
8. Chat
9. Orphan
10. Chat
11. Tomorrow Is A Long Time <Bob Dylan>
12. Chat
13. Monkey To Feed <Sam Baker/Mary Gauthier>
14. Song intro
15. Steel
16. Chat
17. Pretty World
18. Chat
19. My Oh My (unreleased)
20. Chat
21. Ditch
22. Go In Peace

The titles for set2t13 and t19 are best guesses