Telluride Bluegrass Festival (Outdoor Show)
Telluride, Colorado USA
Saturday June 21, 1997

Incomplete set - 51 minutes

Recorded and Transferred by panador

1. Watson Allman
2. Same Ol' River
3. Vamp In The Middle (John Hartford Cover)
4. (One Night In Old) Galway
5. Dark As A Dungeon*
6. Master Blaster (Stevie Wonder Cover)
7. Medley:
One More Love Song

*John Cowan on vocals

Sam Bush - Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
John Cowan - Bass
Darrell Scott - Guitar
Larry Lerue (Atamanuik) - Drums
Bela Fleck - Banjo

Equipment\Lineage: SHURE SM98 Unidirectional Condenser Microphone > SHURE Microphone Preamplifier Box > SONY Walkman D-6 > Cassette (Maxell Metal Capsule 100 minute, no noise reduction) > SONY Cassette Deck TC-FX170 > PC > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (PHASE CORRECTION [Inverting] and editing) & CD Wave Editor (track splitting) > TLH flac level 8 > TLH (torrent) > DIME

This set closed out the third day (Saturday) of the 1997 Telluride Bluegrass Festival. I was in attendance and recording and came away with approx. 50 minutes of this set.
The Official program lists the act as THE SAM BUSH BAND WITH JOHN COWAN but the announcer intros them as SAM AND JOHN AND THE C-NOTES. I believe that Bela Fleck plays on the first four songs. The scheduled time was 10 PM - ?.
Chairs were permitted to be brought into the venue by Festivarians so I attached an aluminum tent pole to the chair and placed the microphone on top, approx. 6 feet off the ground. I was positioned to take advantage of one of the secondary speaker stacks that were about halfway out in the crowd and on both sides.
This recording is Uncirculated and is finally seeing the light of day.
I will be uploading more from Telluride 1997 (Bela Fleck, David Crosby, Lyle Lovett).