sam bush band
miller plaza "nightfall series" (free outdoor show)
chattanooga, tn

one set (112 min.)

disc 1
Whayasay, Same Ol' River, All Night Radio, Is This Love?, Mr. Freddie, Crossing the Transippi
(Sammy's Fave), Great Day, Mississippi Delta Time, Callin' Baton Rouge, Galway, Spider John

disc 2
The Lord Came Unto Me, Harlan, Wichita Way, One More Love Song, Pearl Jam > Celebrate,
Stingray, E: Ol' Joe Clark > Midnight Rider > Ol' Joe Clark

source: nak100/cp1>fostex x18>D7, by john m and greg b
transfer: DATmaster>cd(1)>eac>flac