sam bush band at the tennessee theater
knoxville, tn
2002-01-19 "2002 Downtown Hoedown"

one set

disc 1
Longer Boats > Comin' in from the Cold, 8 More Miles..., Miss Me, Funk 42, Ain't No Trouble
to Me, Vamp in the Middle, Ol' Joe Clark*, Girl of the North Country, Ozzie & Max

disc 2
Same 'ol River, Howlin' at the Moon, Big Rabbit, Sapporo, E: Sailin' Shoes > Linda Lou >
Sailin' Shoes > Crossroads > Sailin' Shoes

hot buttered rum jug band and dan tyminski opened the show

source: SBD>D8

notes: thanks to rick martini for the tickets and the board patch!! this is an excellent board
feed; i taped akg461 by the board also, so if anyone is interested in doing a matrix i can send
you flac of the aud. source. sam b - the best right hand in music!!!
more to come from my sam masters...
john m