Sam Bush
Galivan Center

Taper DF
SS dsm6L - Sony D8 DAT 44.1
first or second row stage left directly in front of PA stack.

D8 DAT line out> PC line in> EAC (record WAV + Tracking)> FLAC

I am not sure of the song names - here is a guess

Disc 1
1) Blue Grass Train
2) Wisper
3) on the road
4) jammin > master blaster jammin
5) I wanna do right
6) unknown
7) bring the georgia mail
8) band intro

Disc 2
1) white bird
2) jam >
3) whole lotta love (bass player)>
4) Jam
5) unknown
6) Laps in 7

Feel free to trade, share, give away is lossless format.
MP3 for personal use only.
Do not sell etc!

Enjoy as always