Sam Bush 2013-09-20
Wolf Den Uncasville, CT
zoomH4 24-48>audacity>flac16>tlh taperchuck3

01 Freight Train Boogie
02 Roll On
03 song intro
04 Buy Stealth
05 Ball Bag
06 I've Just Seen a Face
07 Bluegrass Train
08 Circles
09 Big Spike (the dillards)
10 band, song introductions
11 Whayasay
12 song intro
13 Mahavishnu Mountain Boys
14 more howlin from audience
15 Howlin
16 Big Rabbit
17 song intro
18 Lapse In 7
19 band intros, thanks
20 encore: Rollin in my Sweet Baby's Arms
21 applause

Sam Bush acoustic & electric mandolins
Todd Parks acoustic & electric basses
Stephen Mougin acoustic & electric guitars
Scott Vestal acoustic & electric banjos
Chris Brown drums

comments 92 minutes digital aud 10' from stage, center, handheld.
Audacity used hipass filter 6db cut/octave @ 160hz to balance drums, raised levels.
This stage and whole casino is decorated with a Native Amerrican theme, looking like outdoors.
Howlin started by the animated wolves that guard their den, the stage, when Sam introduced the drummer. It was not inspired by Paul Winter nor the song they later play.
A big thanks to Sam Bush and band for playing a nice show, allowing taping and sharing the show.
taperchuck3 enjoy!