Sam Bush
September 18, 2020
B-Chord Brewing Company
Round Hill, VA

01. Play By Your Own Rules
02. I'm Still Here
03. They're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
04. Crooked Smile
05. Everything Is Possible
06. Roll On Buddy, Roll On
07. Blue Mountain
08. Only You
09. Circles Around Me
10. Great Balls Of Fire
11. Howlin' At The Moon
12. The Mahavishnu Mountain Boys
13. I Put A Spell On You
14. I Got The Same Old Blues
15. Stop The Violence
16. E: Redemption Song
17. Same Ol' River

Thanks to Alex Leary for the set list!

Source: 4 channel matrix- Microtech Gefell m300 XY + Akg 462 omni three foot spread, 3.5' stand, DFC 15 feet from stage>SDmixpre-6 (24/48)

Audacity (mix and render, normalize)>Fission (tracking)>xAct (FLAC conversion, tagging)

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