Sam Bush Band
Whippoorwill Creek Ranch
Altoona, Alabama
September 5, 2003

Source: soundboard

This show came to me on CD. I ripped it using EAC then converted the wav files to flac using
FLAC Frontend.

This show sounds great! All between song banter has been edited out with the exception of
band intros and Sam thanking the crowd near the end. This was the first year of what was to
be an annual event. Unfortunately, this was the only year it happened.

The encore, Funk 55, is missing.

1. Intro
2. Better Man
3. Funk 42
4. King of the World
5. Hold On
6. Eight More Miles to Louisville
7. East Virginia Blues
8. Spirit Is the Journey
9. Mr. Freddie
10. Band Intros
11. Howlin' At the Moon
12. Same Ol' River
13. They're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
14. Sam Says Thanks
15. Old Joe Clark