Sam Bush Band
moe.down X
Snow Ridge Ski Area
Turin, NY

Neumann TLM170(FOB, hypercardoid)->Sound Devices 722 (@24/96). FLAC File processing in SoundForge Audio Studio 9.0c (Peak Level Normalize to 0db; resample to 44.1 with interpolation accuracy 4, anti-alias filter; 24->16 bit highpass triangular dither with high pass contour noise shaping); Tracked in cdwav

1. tuning
2. River Take Me
3. (? instrumental)
4. banter
5. Eight More Miles To Louisville
6. banter
7. Ridin' That Bluegrass Train
8. banter
9. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
10.banter - band intros
11.I Wanna Do Right
12.The River's Gonna Run
13.Bringing In The Georgia Mail
14.(? instrumental #2)
16.Laps In Seven

Setlist help is appreciated!

Recorded, Tracked, and mastered by Scott Bernstein