sam bush band
track 29
chattanooga, tn

one set (~2:10)

01- river take me >
02- ?
04- where there's a road
05- one more love song
06- roll on buddy
07- ballad of stringbean and estelle
08- unconditional love
09- girl of mine from tennessee
10- circles around me
12- blue mountain
13- one love
14- jam >
15- new country
16- laps in 7
17- rollin' in my sweet baby's arms

source: busman bsc1/k1 (xy 90)>v2>mr1000 front row center, 10 ft from stage @ ~4 ft, seated show. by john m
transfer: mr1000>audiogate>cdwave>tlh by john m

notes: tried something different and taped from front row center. sounds great. mics raised to ~6.5 ft for
encore since crowd stood up and came down front. thanks to bubba (track 29) and rob stokes (w/ sam bush)
for being taper friendly!

go see sam bush and buy his stuff!