The Sam Bush Band
Natural Chimneys Park
Mount Solon, Virginia

Source:Microtech Gefell sms 2000 > mg20(cards) > M148 > P2(oade mod acm) 24/48
Location:FOB right of center, mics 10' high, Pointed at outside of stacks,
used umbrella late afternoon thru night, and fat shure wind screens
Transfer:cr > wavelab(track, fades,normalize,(lowered gain around 1h05m for pop in pa)
dither, resample) TLH(flac lv8, align on sb, md5)
Taped By: GSH


01. intro > Freight Train Boogie
02. One More Love Song
03. I've Just Seen A Face
04. Riding That Bluegrass Train
05. Circles Around Me
06. Out On The Ocean > band intro's
07. By Stealth (banjo tune)
08. One Love
09. Rag Mama Rag
10. Fiddle tune
11. enc brake
12. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

notes: rained a bit, poured down 5 mins after set, too bad I didn't move faster