Sam Bush Band
Cumberland MD
DelFest Grandstand Stage

source: microtech gefell mg27(omni) Nbob/PFA (active cables)>
M148 > P2(24/48)
trans: CR> wavelab(fades, tracks, dither resample)
TLH9fix sbes, flac, check sum)

01. Intro Joe Craven
02. On The Road
03. Heron Blues?
04. Riding That Bluegrass train
05. They're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
06. One More Love Song
07. Hard hearted
08. band intro
09. Greenbrier > intro for Del
10. Midnight On The Stromy Deep #
11. Roll ON Buddy, Roll On #
12. Circle Around Me
13. Great Balls of Fire
14. Howlin At The Moon
15. Instrumental Fiddle?
16. Wake Up and Live ^

# with Del McCoury vocals
^ Ron McCoury

mg27's on NOLA omni bar(derlin?) 10' high?
FOB right of center