Sam Bush Band
47th Rockygrass Festival
Planet Bluegrass
Lyons, CO

Source: DPA 4011(DIN) > Edirol R-44[Oade Concert Mod](24/96)
Location: FOB, SROC, 45' from stage, 7.5' high
Info: SDHC>PC>Wave Lab 6.1(edits, fades, levels)>CD Wave 1.98(tracks)
Recorded by: Rob O'Brien (

01. Introduction
02. Little Bessie
03. Drink Up and Go Home
04. Out On The Ocean
05. It's A Long Way To The Top Of The World
06. Band Introductions
07. Driving To Denton
08. Gold Heart Locket
09. This Heart Of Mine
10. High Lonesome Sound
11. Earl Scruggs tune
12. Last Letter Home
13. I'm Walkin'
14. Bringing In The Georgia Mail
15. Tennesee Wagner
16. Bowling Green
17. Howlin' At The Moon
18. My Little Georgia Rose
19. Bill Monroe tune
20. Sapporo>
21. Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie

22. Little Maggie*

- * w/Alex Hargreaves, Sarah Jarosz, Mike Munford, Sara Watkins, Aoife O'Donovan, Frank Solivan, and Dominic Wesley
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