Sam Bush Band & Bela Fleck - 12/31/04
Venue Boulder Theater
City Boulder
State CO
Set 1 Mahavishnu Mountain Boys,
A Better Man,
They're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone,
Bless His Heart,
Spirit Is The Journey,
King Of The World,
Eight More Miles To Louisville*,
White Water,
White House Blues,
Set 2
Countdown>Auld Lang Syne# >
?>After Midnight##,
Vamp In The Middle,
Skippin' In The Mississippi Dew,
Howlin' At The Moon,
Big Rabbit,
When You're Gonna Wake Up,
Lively Up Yourself >
Is This Love?,
Never On A Sunday,
The Old Home Place,
Ain't Got No Honey Baby Now,
John Hardy,
Same 'Ol River,
Funk 55@
Comment "Uncle Earl" opened

* - Bela Fleck joins for the rest of the show
# - Balloons being popped
## - "Uncle Earl" dancing on stage
@ - Sam complains about not knowing about a curfew, the
band continues to play despite being told to stop.
The soundman was then told to turn off the main
speakers leaving just the P.A. on. This lasts just a
couple minutes, the main speakers were turned back on.
Also, the very last 4 minutes or so were cut. This
was because a 125 minute DAT tape was used, and the
band played for 130 minutes.
Added By Adam