Sam Bush & John Cowan
The Down Home
Johnson City, TN

Set One
01 intro/tuneup
02 Sammy's Favorite
03 Howling at the Moon/Big Rabbit
04 Calling Baton Rouge
05 All Night Radio
06 Wild Night
07 Sam's stage banter
08 Last Letter Home
09 Stingray
10 John's stage banter
11 Mighty Clouds of Joy
12 band intro
13 This Heart
14 Body & Soul
15 Fly Through The Country

Set Two
16 tuneup
17 Hungry For Your Love >
18 Sailing Shoes/Crossroads/Sailing Shoes
19 The Lord Came Unto Me
20 Dark as a Dungeon
21 Lively Up Yourself/Is This Love?/Jammin'
22 Angel Eyes
23 East Virginia Blues
24 Slim's Country Christmas
25 Frieght Train Boogie
26 BIG TEN INCH record
27 Two Steps From The Blues
28 I Saw Her Standing There
29 applause
30 I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky

TOTAL TIME: 163:15.12

Playing in the Band
Sam Bush - mandolin, fiddle, vocals
John Cowan - bass, vocals
Jon Randall Stewart - guitar
Larry Atamanuick - drums

Source: Undocumented audience recording > DAT > Clone (received back in the goodle days)

Transfer: Tascam DA-20 > Marantz PMD661 (digital tansfer) .wav (16/48)
SFv9, CDwave, TLH and mp3tag were used to finish the conversion to .flac16

12-APR-2014/uploaded to