Sam Kinison
Auditorium Theater
Chicago, Ill
November 21ST 1987

EQd and retracked by }{eywood. Track names based on titles used on Sam's albums.

01 Intro
02 Rock Against Drugs
03 Rubber Love
04 The story of Jim (Bakker)
05 Robo-Pope
06 Mother Mary's Mystery Date
07 Jesus thye Miracle Caterer
08 Oral Roberts
09 Buddies
10 Lesbians are Our Friends
11 Heckler
12 Pocket Toys
13 Sexual Diaries
14 Chicago Women
15 Dr. Ruth
16 I Can Top That
17 Parties With the Dead
18 The Homeless
19 World Humger
20 Liberace's Ghost
21 Love Song

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