Sam Palladio
The Old Rock House St. Louis MO
St. Louis Missouri
Opening for Delta Rae

Zoom H2N > 44.1 kHz / 24 bit wavs > Audacity (normalized, track split, dropped to 16 bit) > TLH (FLAC and fingerprint) > you
Taper : hops_hopper

Line up:
Vocals & guitar : Sam Palladio
Rhythm :
Vocals, Violin : Awesome!

Tracks :
(I took some guesses but I sure need some help here if anyone is familiar with his music)
02. Chit Chat
04. Chit Chat
06. Chit Chat
08. Chit Chat
09. When The Right One Comes Along
10. Chit Chat
11. Wake Me up in Nashville
12. Chit Chat

Took my youngest son along with me and we went downtown. Stopped off for a minute of silence and took some pictures by the makeshift memorial at the Stan Musial Statue outside of Busch Stadium and then headed to the Parking lot of the Old Rock House. Got there early and entertained ourselves playing games. Doors at 7 and show at 8. It had been a cold, overcast, rainy, sleeting sort of day. First ten or so in line, we paid for our tix and headed up to the balcony. First row against the rail. Our waitress Lo asked if we wanted drinks or something from the kitchen. Chicken wings, a couple of soft drinks and a generous tip and bam! $20. More Sudoku on the Nexus7 while we waited on the drinks, the wings and the show.

Sam Palladio from Nashville. Not Nashville TN but Nashville the TV show.
Never heard of him. Have you? I suppose if you are a fan of the show you have. Might have been his first US gig, but certainly not his first gig ever. You could tell. Engaging stage presence and a better than average story teller. I didn�t not catch the names of his accompanists. To his right, a beat-keeper. Not really a drummer per se, more like a percussionist. No vocals, no flash, no flair..just a steady rhythm as needed. And to his left..I'm in love. From what I have read about the TV show, Mr. Palladio sings with and actress named Clare Bowen but evidently she was otherwise engaged and couldn't make it. No worries. The young lady on stage tonight had a quick tongue, a super smile and infectious energy. Very attractive and with the voice of an angel. Bubble-ishious in a good way and totally huggable. She harmonizes very well with Sam (as you will hear) and if I was him, I would keep her and leave Ms. Clare in/on Nashville. Not being creepy or anything but she totally enchanted this old fart and if she ever reads this, she will know she was the source of some joy and happiness for me today. Thank you.
Not much of a country fan, but this was an opening act that I enjoyed very much and must say I would check them out again.

I have some reservations about this post being very active for long, but I'm going to share it anyway. Who knows, there might be more Sam Palladio fans out there than I think there are. Once it is out there it belongs to the world. Please share it with friends, family and others.
Please don't sell it, please support the musicians and please don't shop at Best Buy because I feel they ripped me off.

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