This was seeded here by Butterking in '08. The seeder observed, "Here's a truly sweet one from the JEMS archive, a sublime soundboard recording of Sam Phillips and her terrific band (featuring her then-husband T Bone Burnett on guitar and the legendary Jerry Scheff on bass) from the Martinis & Bikinis tour. This has a couple variants from the June show at LA's Roxy that I posted many months ago and which was recently reposted and remastered by someone else. Sound quality here is nothing short of gorgeous...I received this in a trade a year or two after the gig. Thanks to that long lost trading friend. I hope 13+ years down it is time for this to circulate. Butterking for JEMS."

Sam Phillips
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia USA
July 25, 1994

Source: Soundboard recordng from the JEMS archive. Probable lineage: DAT master > DAT clone > DAT clone > Peak 5.2 > FLAC.

CD 1:
01. The Turning
02. Same Rain
03. Signposts
04. Circle of Fire
05. Baby I Can't Please You
06. Trying to Hold Onto the Earth
07. Strawberry Road
08. Same Changes
09. If I Fall
10. Raised on Promises
11. Fighting With Fire
12. I Need Love
13. Wheel of the Broken Voice
14. Lying
15. Private Storm
16. Answers Don't Come Easy

Total time = 62:20