Sam Quinn + Japan Ten
The Square Room
Knoxville, TN

SBD>EDidrol R-09>wav>Audition 3.0>CDwave>TLH>flac

Recorded and Transferred by: AtomicPope

01. Hello (fades in)
02. Magazines
03. A Gun
04. Mardi Gras
05. First Time
06. I've Been Riding on a Strange Wave
07. Worker's Playtime
08. I Can't Sleep
09. ? "So Strong..."
10. Suite Motown
11. ? "These Things I forget..."
12. Aeroplane
13. Late the Other Night
14. Daniel (Elton John)

First track fades in. When Sam started, I signaled to the sound engineer that I wasn't getting any levels. He clicked a few buttons, and there they were.