March 30, 1978

Sam Rivers Quartet

Sam Rivers (tenor sax; soprano sax; flute; piano)
Joe Daley (tuba)
Dave Holland (bass)
Barry Altschul (drums)

Broadcast by WKCR-FM, NYC

Public Theatre, New York City

1. WKCR announcement [1:12] continuous performance [68:05] (incomplete, fades out)
announcement [0:33]

other notes:
[75.00.00 Another tape in circulation noted as "Sam Rivers piano solos, Mid '70s, Public Theatre, NYC, 28min." This tape is actually two excerpts of Rivers' piano work with the quartet. The first 13:00 piece is from this 78.03.30 session (at around 44:00 in); the second 16:10 piece is unidentified. Possibly from the "2nd reel" noted below. (?)]
[Also noted as "Audience Tape: 54:00", although it is also clearly 70:00 long.]

[Note: Announcer identifies this (on my tape copy) as "first reel" of this concert performance, and suggests that the 2nd may be aired in the future. Does anyone have a tape with this date that is identified as the 2nd reel?. --RL]

{Primary Source: CD-R; CODA #161 June 1, 1978 p.33}

all info from rick lopez' sam rivers sessionography site: