Sam Rivers - Chick Corea Quartet
Center for the Performing Arts
Gainesville, FL

total time: 20 minutes 13 seconds

DAT recording > Logic > WAV > Flac 6

Sam Rivers: soprano & tenor sax
Chick Corea: piano
Doug Matthews: bass
Anthony Cole: drums

01 C-13 for quartet 12:59
02 sam Rivers Chick Corea duet 7:14


Although the set was very short, under 21 minutes, I'm sure you will agree that it is a very worthwhile listen as it is a very, very rare re-connection between Sam and Chick.

This set was the second set of a night with Sam. The first set, much longer, was with the RivBea Orchestra. I'll upload that set later.

Forgive the echo-y sound of the venue. I was sitting front row, next to Bea Rivers, which you can occasionally hear on the recording, but there was a good distance between the seats and the stage. The room, although nicely built on the University of Florida campus, does not have the best acoustics.