Sam Rivers RivBea Orchestra
Center for the Performing Arts
Gainesville, FL

total time: 64 minutes 32 seconds

DAT recording > Logic > WAV > Flac 6

Sam Rivers: tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, voice, compositions
Jeff Rupert: alto sax
Charles DeChant: tenor sax
Rex Wertz: tenor sax
Daniel Jordan: alto sax
Chris Charles: alto sax
Don Black: bari sax
Todd Beals: trumpet
Don Rogozinski: trumpet
Bruce Staelens: trumpet
John Castleman: trumpet
Keith O'Shiro: trombone
Jerry Edwards: trombone
Dave Sheffield: trombone
Doug Mathews: bass
Anthony Cole: drums

1. Inspiration [11:26]
2. Riffin' [7:17]
3. Vines [15:34]
4. Beatrice [11:25]
5. Tranquility [8:04 ]
6. Rejuvenation [10:46]


This was one of my most memorable times seeing the RivBea Orchestra. Sam was outrageously funny and everyone was playing great. Very satisfying show!

Same echo-y venue as my last upload. As stated then, I was sitting front row, next to Bea Rivers (you can hear her on the recording, particularly in the beginning) but there was a good distance between the seats and the stage.